Monica Reyes

I don't believe in Labels, I only believe in "Doing". 


I'll keep this short and simple : I enjoy art, music, travel, photography, reading, road trips, and eating at taco trucks. I meditate, most of the time, and then rest of the times, I'm running out the door chasing coffee. Pretty straight to the point, right? Maintaining a lifestyle and career in an art fluid form is incredibly important to me, therefore Wardrobe Styling, Costume Design, Art + Creative Direction, Art Installations, Prop + Set Design, Semi-Comedic Mixed Media Illustrations, and Photography have become the heart centric and evolution of my true being. My website is compiled of personal and selected commissions. 

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Co-Founder, Art Director, and Wardrobe Stylist


In 2015 My partner, Dan Monick, and I co-founded an on-going online platform to document a series of Female and Gender Fluid Artist's that portray Women Empowerment and Gender Equality. These images are all shot on B&W 35mm film, with natural light, and un-retouched. We encourage honesty by using zero make-up. I find the artists, art direct, wardrobe style, host the interviews, and publish each piece per month. We have shown both portraits and short films in galleries throughout Los Angeles, specifically with Into Action Art Pop-Up by Task Force PR, and A Feminist Perspective by We Choose Art. The series is called Masculine de La FEMME. 


Vintage Collector. Vintage Shop

A collection of womens, menswear and unisex utilitarian, workwear, heritage, ethnic tapestry type vintage and vintage accessories from wardrobe styling and creative references for fashion brands. Monica had accumulated beautiful blankets, pillows, textiles, and fabrics due to set design and prop styling. You can now see some of her favorite items she collected over the years and see what is for sale! 



F O L L O W   M E   O N   I N S T A G R A M  


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