Monica Reyes

Los Angeles, CA

I don't believe in Labels, I only believe in "Doing". 

I describe myself as short and sweet with a unibrow in between.

If I was forced to claim a label it would be a DOER, or, sigh a multi-disciplinary creative. Always a hard thing to explain to family back home when they ask “So, Monica…what is the product you are selling?” and I just answer with “Me. And I don’t sell anything, I share vibes..” The long blinks and stares have been an amusing part of my upbringing. Being a creative isn’t a choice, it’s a heartbeat.

I’ve started this creative path as a visual artist through mixed media illustrations and installations, to finding my first job working in the fashion industry, to working in-house with brands longer than I have ever anticipated, which lead me to becoming a free-lance creative brand consultant, creative director, and art director for emerging and established brands, to discovering that being a wardrobe stylist and costumer for film, editorials, music videos, fashion campaigns, and commercials will soon become the bass to my heart beat. Naturally, I simultaneously took on necessary roles such as a producer, designer, marketing and social media director as another magical wand in my tool box of other related skills. Not complaining. Just feeling blessed.

Deep down in the dark souls of my heart, I’ve held onto a long-term love affair with photography. I’ve always had an appreciation for natural and beautiful imagery; however, I didn’t buy my first quality camera until recently. It might explain why I’ve absorbed roles as a creative director and art director for projects and brands, as I was 100% reliant on other photographers to help execute “the fantasy”. Luckily, It all worked out. I’ve established amazing and longterm partnerships with some incredibly talented creatives, due to not having a camera at the time, and I continue to do so even now. I call them mini-gods and giants. But they prefer first name basis.

Now that you know a little bit about me, feel free to browse around. I promise it’s mostly pictures and not as many word counts as this page.

My website is compiled of personal and selected commissions from 2013 - Present.

Seek and Enjoy.

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Co-Founder, Art Director, and Wardrobe Stylist


In 2015 My partner, Dan Monick, and I co-founded an on-going online platform to document a series of Female and Gender Fluid Artist's that portray Women Empowerment and Gender Equality. These images are all shot on B&W 35mm film, with natural light, and un-retouched. We encourage honesty by using zero make-up. I find the artists, art direct, wardrobe style, host the interviews, and publish each piece per month. We have shown both portraits and short films in galleries throughout Los Angeles, specifically with Into Action Art Pop-Up by Task Force PR, and A Feminist Perspective by We Choose Art.

The series is called Masculine de La FEMME. 


Vintage Collector. Vintage Shop

I had accumulated beautiful vintage pieces due to set design, wardrobe styling, and design references for brands.

You can now see some of my favorite items I have collected over the years and see what is for sale! 



F O L L O W   M E   O N   I N S T A G R A M  


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