When I Grow Up

Music Video Mood Inspiration of the Week

I have always been so inspired by The Knife, Royksopp, and Fever Ray. Three musical projects encompassed through the same visionaries. I aspire to be this stylishly epic yet so exquisitely simple, like this incredible story they used in the "When I Grow Up" video. A seemingly young adult, playing "world of warcraft"  in her father's (or her neighbor's? haha) backyard while standing on the pool's diving board and waving magical wands of fury. Did they crawl into my childhood nemesis and pull me out from a deep portal of really amazing memories being a kid? I wish. Actually, what drew me in towards this video are those ridiculously awesome painted tights, and whoever made this magnificent colorful and yarn body suit.....is a genius. I aspire to be that genius.