Hot Fruit Art Pop Up x Video by Dreams of Abra

This Summer has been slammed with art-pop-ups, music festivals, over seas travel, vintage pop-ups, artist interviews, photo shoots, collaborations, book fairs, political activism, tons of walking and talking to strangers from all's been a busy year and an especially busy summer. 

One of my favorite highlights was having partnered with Astrelle Johnquest, owner of Now Space Gallery / Now Shop Gallery. She and I opened a one month-long art and vintage pop-up store located at the Cash Machine Gallery in Atwater Village, from June 16 - July 17th, called Hot Fruit. 

Our weekends only Hot Fruit Pop-Up was well received. Hot Fruit was scented with natural aromas from Sistr Botanicrituals and Bela Nektar. Two delectable and purely sensational home-made beauty essential oils, mood sprays, creams, body butter and more. To sum it up, here is a video that the lovely Dreams of Abra made for us. 


Hot Fruit Art Pop-Up Opening Friday June 16 2017 at Cash Machine Gallery Organized by Monica Reyes of Moontribe Vintage and Astrelle Johnquest of Now Space Gallery Video by @Dreamsofabra