Obey x Debbie Harry's first pop up store on Melrose

OBEY x Debbie Harry are launching their collaborative collection at Obey's very first pop-up store on Melrose tonight, and guess what? Our Masculine de La FEMME Volume 1 Zine will be showcased along with many other artist made zines and books. Thanks to my favorite publisher Cash Machine for bringing our art into Debbie's open arms. (well, we hope)

Radical Yes // YES Journal // Wonder Women Interview Series

Wow. Just wow. Need I say more about how incredibly humbling and honored I feel? 

Radical Yes reached out to me to do a Wonder Woman Interview for their YES JOURNAL series. I love all the female artists they interview, and I think Radical Yes really knows how to ask important questions to get insightful answers from these women. Some of the women I am actual fans of, and others, I became fans of their work from just discovering them through Radical Yes. 

To read more about the interview of me, Click the photo above!

This summer (YEAR) has been a non-stop grind, never ending 24/7 work life. In between, there were moments where I would just start crying because I was taking on too much. As a woman, I take on not only the responsibility of any job at hand but the emotional empathy of others as well. If things are not going well, in someone's heart or mind, I can feel it. If I am not feeling well, others can sense it. Most of the time, I tell myself, to put my head down....and just work. Work through it. Wake up early. Take time for yourself. And work through the day like a warrior. The best tools in life, is communication, asking for what you want, and COLLABORATING with others. Collaboration, means, communication and finding an agreeable outcome to make it work. Trust your judgment. Respect yourself and your time, and show up for the important things that do matter. Your friends who know you and love you and work as hard as you do will always be there when that time opens up. Just. Keep. Going. 

TELIA COMMERCIAL | Directed by Christian Holm Glad

I had the amazing opportunity to work with a really talented crew. Super grateful for For Love Productions for always keeping me in mind as a wardrobe stylist. It was a full four-day shoot with an ambitious schedule and continuous changes throughout, but we all made it out together as we took part in other jobs that were outside of our own department. Honored to have worked on set with Director, Christian Holm-Glad, love his work and his vision. Much respect. 

Moontribe Vintage at Paddlers Coffee on Neol.JP

Japanese online magazine Neol.JP did a nice write up on my Moontribe Vintage Pop-Up at Paddlers Coffee in Tokyo, Japan. See the full read here :


The beautiful and tireless Miyuki of Ccommune helped me set up my very first international vintage pop-up shop at Paddlers Coffee. This only happened because my boyfriend, Dan Monick, and our friend Clint Woodside was already having an art show at the Voilld Gallery in Japan on June 1, 2017. Dan invited me to go to Japan with him, and I told him it would make the most sense of my time to at least do some work while I'm out there. He then contacted Miyukie and pitched the idea of me going to Japan to do a vintage pop-up, she immediately said yes, and set me up with the wonderful guys at Paddlers Coffee Shop. 

Paddlers Coffee Shop is a super magical place. Everyone from artists, mothers, families, independent business owners, shoppers, vintage collectors.....all stop by this coffee shop like one metropolitan center of really interesting and cool people. Not only was I stoked just to be there, but meeting them and getting to know the whole crew was even better! They are the coolest, nicest, most genuine people.....and we shared some really good laughs and talked alot about culture and the difference between the US, Los Angeles, and Japan in general. 

The people who came into my pop-up shop were really sweet and seeing my favorite pieces go to them made my heart swell up with joy. A new home for these beautiful and loved pieces.....the smiles on their face and their excitement really made me feel, "yes, I am doing the right thing. This is what I should be doing...bringing people happiness". In the end,  it's not about how much money we make when we do these things, it's the people we meet, the conversations we have, the lessons we learn, the beautiful memories we create together, the smiles we bring and share, the presence of all of these amazing and beautiful people.....that to me brings richness in my life and it is EVERYTHING that I live for. 

I've made some new long lasting friendships with people overseas, and I cannot wait for them to come to the US so that we can open our loving and warm home to them so that we can show them the same kindness and generosity they have shown to us. 

Eternally grateful....God is Good. 


xo Monica Reyes